About Leokreid Ltd.

Логотип Леокрэйд Leokreid Ltd. forwarding company has been on the market since 2011.  The Company has partnerships with numerous European and CIS transportation and forwarding companies.

In our relationships with the Clients we pursue the partnership principle that is based on correctness, reliability and competence.

Our state-of-the-art transportation fleet of Euro-5 trucks and highly qualified staff will guarantee professional services to you in international freight operations.

High performance and stability of our operations were achieved due to huge experience and good teamwork of our staff who can quickly handle the issues we have to face.

To achieve high transportation speed at minimum cost our employees will develop optimal custom-tailored routes, notify you on the progress of transportation on a daily basis, and advise you in real time on the matters you are interested in. All our vehicles are fitted out with a satellite tracking system. You can track your cargo in real time.

All Leikreid projects involving transportation of oversize cargo are handled on a custom basis. We seek to meet the client’s needs as much as possible. Our employees develop optimal routes to transport your cargo in a most convenient way.


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