Our Services

The Company provides quality services in arrangement of Door to Door Transportation of oversize cargo from European countries and other locations to Russia and CIS member states.

Experienced logisticians will develop optimal transportation routes and modes (road, marine/river, railway) depending on the type of your cargo.

If it is requested by the clients, their freights can be insured against all risks along the entire route. Our company cooperates with leading European road transportation and forwarding companies.

Long-term partnerships with terminals and ferry lines help us stay flexible and respond quickly while handling marine cargo transportation issues.

Our company offers organization of survey services:

  • inspection of freights at the time of loading/unloading; customs clearance control;
  • freight quality and quantity control, checking completeness of the freight package per accompanying documents.

The real-time cargo tracking enables us to quickly notify the client of the cargo location in real time.

Transportation of oversize cargo is a painstaking task that requires custom approach. Generally, there are no similar transportation tasks in this business.Each cargo operation is unique in nature and represents a clear interaction within the transportation system, which implies provision of a wide range of services, involving both preparations and the transportation itself, including the following:

  • on-site visit by our specialist to determine the cargo parameters, freight handling method and mechanical lifting equipment to be used;
  • selecting the mode of transport reasonably acceptable in terms of its load carrying capacity, tonnage, and cost (low-built chassis vehicle, lowboy);
  • preparing diagrams for securing and placing oversize and heavy cargo on vehicles, calculating axial loads;
  • analyzing and developing an optimal transportation route;
  • developing project documents for approval of the route for the vehicle carrying oversize cargo;
  • preparing and manufacturing special and additional cargo securing equipment;
  • obtaining special permits for transportation of bulky, oversize and heavy cargo;
  • obtaining transportation consents and permits for transportation by heavy full-size vehicles using general purpose motor roads in shipping and destination countries, as well as in all the countries of transit;
  • organizing escort services by pilot and police cars, as necessary, and contact-cable network towers;
  • organizing and engineering supervision of load handling operations;
  • freight insurance services.

We offer:

  • transportation of special purpose vehicles, road engineering and construction machines  – excavators, bulldozers, asphalt spreaders;
  • transportation of combines, tractors, and other agricultural machines;
  • transportation of construction machines, industrial equipment, metalworks and metal-rolls, reinforced concrete structures, oversize cargo and production equipment for gas, petrochemical, power engineering, and other industries, metalworks and metal-rolls, reinforced concrete structures, as well as other heavy cargo up to 70 tons;
  • transportation of boats and yachts by a lowboy or car hauler.
  • delivery of small cargo batches up to 10 kg using light commercial vehicles (express delivery) or through additional loading;
  • combined and multimodal transportation  (road+rail, road+marine+road).